Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finding it hard to stay on track.

Okay so I am not very good at the blogging. But here is an update.
My weight is still the same and so is my figure, mostly because I had a small back problem that decided to take over my life for the past few months. It was caused by a tilted pelvic bone and is apparently very common in women who have had kids. But after seeing a chiropractor (which was my last resort) it is getting better. I am not a big fan of Chiropractors as anything to do with my back being moved around quite frankly scares the begeezous out of me. But the Dr I found is really good and someone I trust, he has the mind set of if it doesn't want to move he isn't going to force it which made me feel better. I go for my next appointment today so I should be able to start working out again and I will be starting from the beginning to give updates on how the Ab Circle works.

As for working from home, I should be getting my 3rd check from global test market here shortly. Again nothing huge from them but it is a nice night out with my husband paid for by them. I have been looking at other avenues as well, like a proof reader and there seems to be a lot of postings out there but most need some qualifications but there are a few that don't you just have to keep your eye out for them.

I have also being trying my hand and experimenting with cooking. Cooking is something I love to do, and I have been reading enough recipes that I am trying to come up with a bit of my own especially marinades as I hate dry meat, but I have also been finding that I am enjoying vegetables more than meat too, but I still can not pass up a good steak. As I come across good family recipes I will post a few to help out you moms that like me have enough on your plate already and would like simple healthy solutions for dinner.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 1 results

Well here are my results after 1 week of using the AB Circle and a Detox diet.

Weight 165 so 3 pounds less than a week ago.
Waist 34 3/4" so 1 1/4" smaller
Hips 40 1/4" so 1 3/4" smaller.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the results. I did feel lighter but I thought it was mostly due to not eating the heavy items like Bread and red meat, and time will tell or not if that is true.

But for the first time since I was just out of high school I was able to shop at a store where even their XL wouldn't fit me. I bought a Dress in Large for an event that I have on Saturday and Dress pants in a size 11/12 which normally in the store I was not even in a size that they had.

My stomach still looks like a bowl of jello but apparently it is shrinking.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not easy but learning from it- healthy and not healthy

Okay this is not easy. I am on my 5th day of the detox diet along with exercise and boy it is hard to get in to the swing of things. Good news is I am tuffing it out, it is worth being sore from working out (laughing even hurts) and not really looking forward to meals. The meal part will be ending soon but I have learned quite a lot about the foods that we eat and think are or are not healthy for us.

Not eating Red meat isn't very hard for my family, we have the occasional steak but the majority of our food is pork, chicken, ground turkey instead of ground beef and fish when I am able to sneak it in. Other stuff like white flour is a bit harder as we like our pasta and the whole wheat pasta just isn't the same.

I have been comparing labels lately too, my last shopping trip I went by myself and spent about 2 hours looking at the different items, now I did this on purpose just for interest and to get specific items for this weeks diet menu, I suggest you try it some time maybe not as in depth as I did, as I know us mom's usually don't have that kind of time to shop, so I suggest even little by little or isle by isle each time you go. What we think is healthier for us isn't always so. For instance I found out that the fruit loops that my husband and kids like is actually High in fiber and lower in sodium than my beloved Frosted flakes. Granted sugar is a high item on both but if you had to choose between one or the other fruit loops would be the better one.

Because of doing this I feel that I am on the road to choosing my families foods a bit wiser without sacrificing my need for yummy snacks and food in general. As Carla said from one of my favorite movies Connie and Carla said "I am an eater"

I will have an update for all of you on the weight and measurements on Tuesday so keep an eye out for that to see how successful the first week was.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

shaping up measurements

OK so as promised I am currently 168 lbs, my waist is 36" and my hips are 42".
When I got married 9 years ago I was 155 lbs and I would love to see those numbers again as that was a comfortable weight for me.

I feel pretty good now but with a giggly tummy I just don't feel as confident in myself as I used to, and doing this trial workout I am hoping to turn that around.

Friday, April 2, 2010

shaping up

Well now that the holidays and birthdays are just about behind me my husband and I are starting our fitness routines. As Promised I am going to try out the AB Circle for me exercise and to flatten my wobbly tummy. After having 2 kids it feels like a bowl of jello.

To kick off my first week of exercise with be partnered with a detox diet and supplements. I am doing this as I am showing signs of needing to do a light detox. This will be the first time I have ever done one so I talked to my local pharmacist to help me find the best one for myself. I am only doing this part for a week as I am not one who is big on diet plans and to properly do a detox it seems you should follow a set diet to get the best results.

So on Tuesday April 6th, 2010 this all begins and I will post my weight (every woman's worst nightmare) and my measurements.

I will strictly be using the AB Circle and shall see if in fact it only does take weeks instead of months to trim and tone my jello tummy.

Happy Easter to you all!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sorry for the absence

Sorry for the absence of posts. It has been a hectic few months. Turning 30, going on a trip before Christmas, the holiday season, volunteering and so much more just took over my life.
I am sure all of us have had those times when everything seems to land in your lap and nothing ever seems to feel like it gets done.
While I have been working with all that has been on my plate as a mom I found that I had to trim some things down, so I resigned from my part time job as the hours were not enough to justify me driving all the way there (8 hours every 3 weeks, and I have cut down on my volunteer hours taking a different position on the community association.
So now I have more time I am able to focus on expanding my Event Planning business and trying out new products to report back to you, my readers.
So far with all that I really haven't done with the google business I have made 8.00. Not much but considering I really haven't been working at it, it isn't too bad. Definitely not making a living at it.

I have found a wonderful new tool for my laundry. I am sure a lot of you have seen the Bounce drier bar that apparently last for about 4 months, while I have had int in my drier since Dec 9Th and it is still going, in fact it works really well, no more sheets and I have found a lot less work and static. This one is definitely a keeper.

I am also going to be trying out the Ab Circle that we see on TV. I would like to firm up my wobbly bits around my waist and tummy and loose about 10-15 pounds as well. I will start a separate post once I start a routine on that so keep and Eye out for future posts.

I hope you are all having a great 2010.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sick at home

Well over the past 2 day both my kids and husband came down with the flu, one after another, I however lucked out and did not get sick (knock on wood). I was told that if they have the flu symptoms chances are it is the H1N1 but who knows as they were not tested and I was told not to bring them in to the DR unless the symptoms presisted or got worse.

It all started with my youngest at 2am, with my oldest at 4am followed by my husband at 6am. All were thowing up, had a fever, didn't have an appietiete, and my husbands cough increased as he has asthma, so I was concerned. My oldest daughter seemed to be the least sick throwing up only in the morning with a fever and the having the fever top out at about 101.8. By the afternoon she was up and about saying that she felt much better. My husband and yougest daughter got the worst of it, both having a fever of 101.8 for most of the day finally ending prior to bed, both threw up into the afternoon every now and then until the evening. Needless to say all of us were in one bed room that night so that I could keep a close eye on everyone just incase the symptoms returned. The next day other than being tired they all seemed fine with now fevers and no more throwing up. Today my husband is back at work and both girls are playing and eating again.

Today I am just plan tired, after 2 days of taking care of the family it takes it's toll. But I am very glad that they are all feeling better and that we weathered the flu, I hope others do as well.